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BusinessBook Plus      Desktop | Clould Version
GST Based Accounting & Inventory Software

(For Large, Medium & Small Business)

Finance being the backbone of any organization; has to be managed very precisely and accurately. A strong budget plan, accurate book keeping, and intelligent analysis of old account data will help any organization to manage and increase their business.

Technix BusinessBook is an accounting software that can significantly improve operations, profitability and reduce costs associated with running the business. Another important feature of BusinessBook is; it makes all the key business information accessible and available to the business owner anytime on the click of a button. This facilitates the business owner to make the right decision in a timely manner.

BusinessBook automates general transaction for a business. It is serving all kinds of industry verticals and size. It provides various operational reports such as Journal, Ledger, Cash Book, Trial Balance, Profit-Loss, Balance Sheet.

Benefits of Implementation-cum-features of BusinessBook:

  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Does not require an accounting background or extensive training.
  • Book keeping will be easier by just feeding each transaction with a very simple entry.
  • Organize and manage the business effectively.
  • Monitor all transitions from a single Transaction Control Panel.
  • Ready to use Ledger Accounts are available.
  • Calculate VAT Return easily.
  • Create great-looking invoices for the customers.
  • Track business Sales, Expenses and Purchase Invoices.
  • Produce Balance Sheet , Profit-Loss, Trial Balance Reports and Record Credits Notes.
  • Know the Account Receivable and Account Payable status.
  • View and Print the Journal, Cash Book, and Day Book.
  • Client Server based multiple user system, with user privileged setting including login period table for each user.
  • Automatic software locks module, while a user goes busy for some urgent work.

GST Features

  • -Goods with HSN/SAC Code
  • -Tax Slab Rate Management ( 5%,12%,18%,28%)
  • -Handling Customers with GSTIN and without GSTIN
  • -Manages Intra State and Inter State Transaction
  • -B2B & B2C Invoices
  • -Normal GST Registration and Composite GST Registration
  • -Manage Place of Supply and Supply Type
  • -Reports for CGST, SGST/UTGST, IGST
  • -Handles Reverse Charges
  • -Tax Slab Rate wise Product Categorization
  • -Outward Supplies Return (GSTR-1)
  • -Inward Supplies Return (GSTR-2)
  • -Monthly Return (GSTR-3)
  • -Composite Return (GSTR-4)
  • -Annual Return (GSTR-9)
  • -Invoices above 2.5 lakhs Separation
  • -Debit/Credit Notes.
  • -Tax Liability Reporting


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BusinessBook Plus Features:
Journal Voucher

Payment Voucher

Receipt Voucher


Cash Book

Trial Balance

Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss

Receipt & Payment

Day Book

Chart of Accounts

New Account Group & Head

Financial Year Setting

Manage User & Privileges

Desktop & Network Based

Clent/Server Architecture

BusinessBook Plus Versions

Basic Edition

Standard Edition

Super Edition

GST Edition

Barcoding Edition

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