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TECHNIX-INDIA Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been committed in providing total client satisfaction on high-end Software, Embedded, Website, Portal , Network & Telecomunication Design & Development. To stay on the cutting edge we integrates today's most needed technologies in our training center. With TECHNIX training methodology there is no limit to what an individual can accomplish.

TECHNIX-INDIA provides certification training on all the leading technologies like:

Java, PHP, Flash, Actionscript, Ajax, Android, Cloud Computing, C, C++, MySQL Server, Apache Webserver, SQL, PL/SQL, Core Java, J2EE, GSM, GPRS, CDMA, Robotics, Embedded (Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Device Driver), Networking (LAN/WAN), Operating Systems ( Linux, Solaris, Android) etc.

Right from inception TECHNIX-INDIA has developed team of professionals who has Technical, Functional and Software development background with years of experience and tons of manhours.

We have trained the employees of all levels across industries, viz private organizations, public sector, Corporations, Government Departments, Technical Institutes etc. Our customized focus allows us to deliver training solutions specifically catering to the need of the industry or department considering the level of the target audience. In this present era of competition and uncertainty, for an organization to succeed, it needs to have a set of competent & suitably trained manpower who can contribute to make a difference.

Summer Training/Winter Training/Internship/Research: We are committed to spread technology to the common people. Time to Time we invite and entertain students from different colleges for vocational and summer training on live projects.

The Technix-India Internship Program is a practical and wise investment in your professional future. In these program, you enhance your resume, gain additional knowledge and acquire valuable references. Each are priceless advantages for a college student soon to be seeking a full-time career position. Now is the time to take hold of your career and take advantage of this life changing opportunity.

Repition Facility: This is a unique, free of cost facility in which a person can repeat a module or entire training free of cost. This concept is unique because we understand that all the students sitting in a batch are not of similar caliber. We also understand that in order to become a professional one has to learn the technology thoroughly.


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Cloud Computiing

Cyber Secuitry & Ethical Hacking

Android Technologies

Unix, Linux, Solaris Training

Java, C, C++ Training

PHP & MySQL Server Training

Ajax, Flash & Actionscripts

GSM & GPRS Training

Training on BTS Installation & Commissioning

Networking Training (LAN/WAN)

Embedded System Design

PLC Training

Robotics Design & Development

Device Driver Training for LINUX

Industrial Accounting

Live Projects

Experienced Trainer

Well-updated training material

Training mapped to international certifications

Training executed as per industry standards

Unlimited In-house Project Support

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